Diet2Go – A Useful Free Weight Loss App

Diet2Go is a handy app to have with you if you have decided to lose weight or just want to follow a healthy eating lifestyle. The app gives you access to a large and continuously growing database of diet plans. When you first start with this app, you have to enter your target weight, your age, gender, height, current weight, and level of activity. The system will calculate how many calories you need to consume to achieve your goal by the target date.

The values can be entered using either the metric or the English system of measurement.

In this video, you can watch a thorough review and description of all the features of the “Diet2Go iPhone App“.

You then select a diet from the list. You can choose between more than 50 different diet plans. The 3-Day Low Calorie Diet, the 4-day Protein Diet, the Beverly Hills Diet, the Chicken Diet, the Easy Vegan Diet, the Low Fat Low Cal Diet, are only a small sample of the available plans you can choose from. The infamous Cabbage soup diet is there, too!

Each diet belongs to a category. In other words, the diet plans are sorted based on 6 types: By Blood type, Detox, Fad, Healthy, Low Carb, and Vegetarian.

Now suppose you choose the “After Holiday Cleanse” diet that belongs to the Detox Category. The app will lay out a 5-day detailed plan for you. The weight loss program will include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, as well as two snacks.

What impressed me the most is that the software will tell you how much weight you will lose in each of the diet plans you choose. For instance, based on my profile settings (age, gender, weight, etc) I will lose 2.4lbs in 5 days if I follow the 5-day “After Holiday Cleance” plan. This is really motivating! You know in advance the result so you can decide whether this plan is for you or you should look for another deal.

Ok, once I selected the After Holiday Cleance diet, the app asks me to set my schedule. That means I have to enter the time of the day I will be eating each meal and snack. When I do this, I am all set and ready to start the diet. The app will send reminders to my iPhone calendar so that I will make sure I keep a steady diet schedule.

I just set the schedule for the diet plan I chose, and the system informs me of my next meal. Here it is. Breakfast at 7:00AM tomorrow. It consists of 1 large orange, 2 rice cakes, and 1 cup herb tea.

The choices this app makes available to the user, in terms of different diet plans, is impressive. This ever-growing list of diet programs may soon include commercial programs such as Atkins, South Beach Diet and Weight Watchers to name a few, and who knows, even Nutrisystem diet promo codes and Medifast shakes coupons.

Here is another thing I like: Along with each meal plan comes a useful diet tip. Today’s tip is:

“Instead of taking the elevator every day at work, use the stairs. Not only will you spend more calories, you will exercise and shape your legs”.

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supplementsFitness supplements are frequently consumed by active adults and athletes in order to achieve greater gains in strength and muscle mass and to improve their overall physical performance. Muscle and strength supplements are divided into two categories: pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements. The pre-workout supplements have the role to prepare the body for the intensive workout routine, while post-workout supplements have the role to facilitate recovery and muscle building after the exercise session.

Research studies have proved that protein supplements can accelerate gains in strength and muscle mass, leading to improvements in anaerobic and aerobic power. Using the right supplements together with exercise can definitely improve performance and fitness level.

My boyfriend at the gym

As the duration, volume, and frequency of resistance training increase, untrained individuals consuming supplements experience improvements in muscle strength and an enhancement in gains, as well as accelerate gains in anaerobic and aerobic power. Supplements can enhance performance and muscle mass when the training is adequate in terms of duration, volume, and frequency and dietary intake is consistent for physically active individuals. is a top online store specialized in fitness supplements. The website also provides useful information, product reviews, motivational videos, a forum and guides for fitness enthusiasts. You can access the online store and their articles on the Web address: We recommend this firm as a choice supplement store for all your fitness and body building related needs. Available online coupons and a generous discount policy are offered for those who want to buy online. With a coupon code you can also benefit from free shipping within the USA for orders over $99.

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New Vitacost Coupon Codes work for Coconut Oil

virgin coconut oil vitacostLast week when I was looking for a replacement of margarine I found several vitacost coupon codes on a blog post which was talking about coconut and its many bio-products. So, two birds with one stone, right? I started reading all the things about this amazing fruit and decided to give it a try at their online shop along with the coupons I had found there.

You probably are familiar with coconut oil, hence the reason you are reading this review. However, just in case you do not know what it is, coconut oil is a substance (natural) that is gotten from coconuts when they are freshly cut. It can be very versatile and may be used for different uses such as a butter substitute, cooking oil and a baking ingredient. In addition, it can be used to enhance the quality of hair, skin and body.

What Good Does The Coconut Has To Offer

virgin organic coconut oil vitacostAbout 60% of coconut oil is made up of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). However, unlike many triglycerides that have long chains of fatty acids, MCTs are very beneficial to one’s health. One of the many health benefits that it has are such as reducing the levels of cholesterol which help alleviate heart problems

In addition to this, coconut oil is a very good moisturiser for all skin types. This helps prevent flaking and the skin from drying up. And as if these benefits are not enough, it has the ability to help in weight loss, give the immunity system a boost, help in digestion, heal infections as well as strengthen the bones and prevent liver infections.

Pros and cons

But why should you use a Vitacost promo code to buy coconut oil extra virgin?


It is made from organic coconut that are certified and that are cold pressed which makes it of great quality

It has a sweet smell as well as taste

Extremely cheap

Finally, you can always find a promotional discount for product like this at


• It comes in a large container making storage a little bit cumbersome.

Price – Does Vitacost Issue Coupons

The price of this product is generally low. However, like many products in the market, the price has gone up. Nonetheless, first, in comparison to the price of other products, it is generally cheaper and of high quality and second, if you use the vitacost coupon at checkout you can save around 15% off the initial price.

To get the product at a cheaper rice, you could make use of vitacost discount coupon.